It is our great pleasure to announce the 2017 Asia-Pacific International Electromagnetic Compatibility (APEMC) Symposium in Seoul, Korea.

 The series of APEMC Symposia have been the greatest annual events. The APEMC 2008 in Singapore, the APEMC 2010 in Beijing, China, the APEMC 2011 in Jeju, Korea, the APEMC 2012 in Singapore, the APEMC 2013 in Melbourne, Australia, the APEMC 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan, and the APEMC 2016 in Shenzhen, China have offered rich scientific programs of highest quality invited talks and presentations from all over the world.

 The APEMC 2017 Symposium is the premier international conference to share the recent progress of electromagnetic compatibility, including EMC Measurement and Instrumentation, Electromagnetic Environment, Transient EMC, Power System EMC and Smart Grid, System Level EMC and Protection, Transportation EMC, Antenna and Wave propagation, EMC in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Aerospace EMC, Electronic Packaging EMC, Integrated Circuit EMC, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity, Wireless Communication EMC, Computational Electromagnetics, Biomedical Electromagnetics, Wireless Power Transfer, and more. In addition to regular sessions, we also solicit proposals for special sessions, workshops, tutorials.

 The APEMC 2017 will be held in Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea from June 20 to 23, 2017. As in the previous events over a decade, the APEMC 2017 will provide a major platform for researchers from academia and industry to exchange their knowledge and to build up networks. We look forward to meeting you soon at the APEMC 2017.

Joungho Kim
Conference General Chair, APEMC 2017
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Jaekon Shin
Conference General Co-Chair, APEMC 2017
Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute (KATRI)